Door to Door Leaflet Distribution Jobs

Who the job is suitable for?

Delivering leaflets is the ideal job for parents who want to earn some extra money while their children are at school or whose smaller children can accompany them while they deliver. The delivery of the leaflets can generally be made to fit in with the hours you have available although they are usually required to be delivered within a given date slot.

However it does not pay large sums of money as it is unskilled work which can be undertaken without qualifications. It is the type of job that would suit an active retired person looking to supplement their income and it also provides a way of getting exercise and fresh air while earning money. It can also be a good way of losing weight due to the amount of walking involved.

What will I be delivering and where do I get the work from?

Many companies require leaflets, brochures and flyers delivered house to house in certain areas of different towns and are willing to pay for people to do that for them. The most common of door drop marketing is the free newspapers that are delivered on a regular basis. A number of leaflets are also often delivered inside these papers. Many other local businesses use door dropping as a way of making local homes aware of their services. Although some door drop work for larger companies is done by the Post Office there is still plenty of opportunity to earn money in this way by delivering other leaflets.

Many companies who organise these deliveries will advertise jobs in the local papers of the area where the door drop is to take place or at the local job centre. Alternatively it is a good idea to talk to local fast food outlets who may take on their own staff to deliver their leaflets. If you contact a company who do door drops regularly you may even get a regular area for deliveries.

Are there any disadvantages?

The main disadvantage is that you will not receive payment for any holidays or sickness as it is casual work. You can also find that people object to receiving junk mail through their letterboxes.

Although payment for door dropping is quite small and can be cash in the hand, it is still necessary to declare any money earned on your tax self assessment form as it may be possible to claim back tax for any travelling expenses.

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