Five unusual work from home ideas

Could You Offer an Unusual Service?

Whilst the cost of living is rising, people's financial situations may start to suffer, but finding a niche in the market through which to provide an unusual service could make for a fantastic opportunity to generate an income whilst stamping your mark on a rare venture.

1. Clothing and Accessories for Pets

People adore their pets, often treating them like one of the family. Many also want to spoil them. Purchasing from pet stores can be quite pricey and there is generally a limited choice. Just as their pets are as individual as people, owners want unique items. These could include items such as jackets and booties, collars, leads, beds and bedding, decorated bowls and personalised items. Some of the materials to make these items could be sourced from charity shops where proceeds go to animal charities. This way you'll not only save yourself money as you're making it, but will also be doing your bit to help our less fortunate four legged friends.

2. Unique Personalised Memo Board

Whilst a plain old cork pin board does the job intended, it is a bit plain and boring. Personalised unique items are much more desirable and people are generally prepared to pay that bit extra for them. Customers could send their requirements via email. It may be that they want a memo board with the background image being a family picture (for example, their children or pets). They could email their chosen image to you which could then be printed, laminated and fitted into a frame utilised from a plain memo board, picture frame or made yourself.

The beauty of making bespoke items is that each one is individual, so you can make the materials work to your advantage using materials you think will best work with each individual item. It may be that your customer is unsure as to what they want, but have a certain colour scheme or a theme in mind to match their decor. You could give some suggestions, and using the colours of their choice, make up your own design. You could offer the option to have their memo board as a pin board or put some magnetic backing on and make fancy magnets.

3. Prepare Homemade Organic Foods

Due to media advice and a wealth of information about staying fit and healthy, people feel more inclined to want to take good care of themselves on the inside as well as outwardly. This is a fantastic time to capitalise on people's interest in healthy living by providing them with a service which is good for them - and with which they'll be pleased.

Organic Vegetables

By growing your own fruit and vegetables, you can prepare organic meals. You will be able to provide your customers with a list of ingredients included in your meals as you'll know exactly how and where they've been grown. Besides, it doesn't have to stop there. You can bake your own bread using organic flour and ingredients.

Perhaps, if you have enough space, you could even have your own chickens to supply your own free range eggs. You could also cater for those with dietary requirements such as gluten free, peanut allergies, celiac disease, diabetics etc.

Organic baby foods are a great way to give children the best start in life once they move onto solid foods. Vegetarians could be catered for also. In all honesty, the list of dietary requirements you could cater for is endless.

Orders could be taken online via a website, or even a page set up on a social networking site where you can add a menu of all the different foods and meals you can supply. Alternatively, you could take orders by telephone to be collected or delivered locally. You could also choose to purchase some of the organic ingredients from the supermarket if necessary. Once the meals are cooked, they can be frozen until they are purchased.

However, it is important to note that when setting up any sort of catering business, a hygiene certificate will have to obtained and in the interests of public health and safety, you will be subject to a number of official checks. The relevant department of your local council should be able to provide you with more details.

4. Toys for Equal Opportunities

It is so important that people are made to feel like equals. If children are taught this from an early age, it helps to promote inclusion for those affected with disabilities and change stereotypical views.

Toys with certain disabilities could be used to help children to see that everyone is equal. Just as a doll in a wheelchair, for example, is the same as a doll that walks, gaining a better understanding through toys they can relate to will also help disabled children build up their self esteem.

Making these toys available would help children to understand that people with disabilities are just as normal as they are. These could include toys with wheelchairs, hearing aids, glasses, guide dogs, crutches, teeth braces and so on. Additionally, these toys could be made to represent people from all different ethnic groups. Wherever possible, some of the materials used for the toys could be purchased from charity shops where the proceeds go towards helping disabled children.

5. Exotic Pet Sitter

Exotic pets generally have more requirements than mainstream domestic pets. These include heating and lighting requirements, humidity levels, specific dietary needs and such. For this reason, it's unlikely you'd easily find anyone to care for them if you were away from home on business or on holiday.

Exotic pet - Iguana

Learning the needs of these pets would be a great advantage if you were to consider making a business out of this working from home. Advertising online with services and prices would be very helpful to those exotic pet owners who may be struggling to find someone to take care of their pets' needs when they have other commitments.

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