How does it work?

At WorkFromHomeJobs we have conducted many hours of research to identify the best and most credible Survey websites. When you register on our site we will introduce you to these survey companies with an overview of their service and a fast track option to join their market research panel.

Once you have joined a Company's market research panel you will be sent a welcome email to validate your membership. It is important that you read this email and confirm your details, only then will you be invited to take paid for surveys. You will receive paid survey invites via email.

Why am I paid?

Companies need the opinions and views of people like you and me. This is extremely valuable and they are prepared to pay large sums of money for our knowledge (because the stakes are extremely high). In 2008 companies spent over $30 BILLION globally on Market Research! Our thoughts help to make sure they are making good decisions when they launch new products and services.

The Internet has enabled such companies to question very large numbers of relevant people quickly and easily, and the resulting "wisdom of crowds" is invaluable. They employ "market research" companies to do the research for them. It is these market research companies that manage the Surveys that you will take

If you are in interested in being paid for your opinions, then we can help you by introducing you to the best market research companies.

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