UK Internet Jobs Working Online from Your Home Computer

It is possible for individuals in the UK to earn some extra income by selling their unwanted goods on the internet however, many are able to make a full time income by selling products professionally online. Both auctions websites and stand-alone commerce websites provide the opportunity to make a living by selling wholesale stock or by advertising products that are held with another supplier. The advantage of the latter method is that there is no need to hold your own stock; the goods are sent directly to the customer when purchased using a method known as dropshipping.

Market Research

From mystery shopping to paid surveys, a wide variety of market research jobs can be found through the internet. Mystery shopping jobs require a report to be filled out online after a visit has been made to a store or company base. Sometimes it is possible to get paid for recording mystery shop telephone assignments, gathering information over a phone call with the company in question. This eliminates the need for you to even leave the house. Pay rates vary between agencies and the difficulty of the assignment. Paid surveys can also be completed at home however they will usually only pay around £1 for each survey. They can be enjoyable if you find a survey on a subject that you are interested in and have a spare 15 - 30 minutes of time.

Become a Freelancer

Freelance work can take the form of a variety of different jobs online. Basically any work that requires a computer can be undertaken at home such as data entry, web design, translation work or simple writing tasks. The extent of potential earnings is uncapped however, your employability will often depend upon the skills and knowledge you hold in a particular subject area. Freelancers are able to offer a bid to undertake the work or can sometimes choose their own tasks. Potential clients will usually set their budget for a specific task and ask you to complete it within a certain timescale.

Run a Blog or A Website

If you have an interest in a specific subject area, then you could start your own website or blog on it. You could sell your own products or place affiliate adverts to similar websites of interest and potentially earn commission on these adverts. For example, if you created a website about football, you could advertise products from sports retailers and receive commission for any sales made from your visitors who clicked on the adverts. Some retailers may even pay you directly for advertising if your website gets really popular, so the earning potential can be huge.

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