London Part Time & Weekend Jobs for Students

London Part Time & Weekend Jobs for Students

There used to be a time when students could get away with living on their student loan. Unfortunately prices have gone up, particularly in London, and anyone who wants to do more than study during their university days will need a bit of extra money. However, finding a part time or weekend job that is student friendly isn't always as easy as it might seem. Traditional student jobs like weekend retail, coffee shops, waitressing and bar work are now often filled with full time workers. However, there are still plenty of avenues to try when seeking out part time or weekend work in Britain's capital.

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Common Part Time Jobs in London

It would be great if every student in London could take a weekend job which directly related their studies. For instance, if journalism students could get a paid part time job on the news desk of a magazine, or if a pharmacy student could work in Boots, unfortunately those few exclusive places are the reserve of the very fortunate minority.

Students are more likely to work within the service and hospitality industries. The most common places for students to find part time jobs in London are places like bars, hotels, cafes, and restaurants. Balancing work with university commitments can be tricky, and consistently losing your whole weekend can quickly become annoying. When looking for part time and weekend jobs for students in London, try to find something that offers flexible hours where you'll have the option of balancing evening shifts with Saturdays and Sundays.

Other part time jobs which are suitable for students include those in supermarkets (evening and weekend shift available), events staff including waiting and kitchen, dog-walking, child minding, and administrations.

Where to Find Part Time Jobs

Often the traditional routes used when looking for a full time job are not as useful when what you're looking for is a part time or weekend job. Often employers do not advertise part time positions on job websites or job boards. Quite often, when a small business, a pub, or a restaurant is looking for staff they'll suffice with a 'help wanted' post in the window of their premises. That's great for you if you're looking for something local and reasonably casual. It's even better news if it's in a shop or a pub that you frequent often as you might already know the owner.

More great places to look for part time and weekend student jobs in London are student orientated forums and newspapers. Just be aware that every other student reading is likely to apply too. Listings website like Gumtree and Craigslist will often list part time jobs. In fact, both have a part time section. Signing up to agencies is advisable if you're looking for casual part time work where you can be called upon at any time. Often hospitality agencies have year round work if they work with a full calendar of events - and you'll get the chance to work at some of London's most exciting events.

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