Mystery Shopper Vacancies

An online survey is only one method which companies use to collect information. Another form is mystery shopping. Mystery shopper job vacancies are increasing because companies are taking extensive measures to gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Mystery shopping is a method adopted by many retail businesses to secretly investigate their own customer services standards and consumer shopping experience. A mystery shopping job involves going into a shop, browsing, asking a shop assistant a specific question and making a test purchase. Other mystery shopper jobs include having a meal at a restaurant or a fast food outlet. In this scenario you normally complete a report which consists mainly of box-ticking and multiple-choice.

Each mystery shopping company has its own contracts with shops, restaurants, pubs, cinemas etc. If you want to maximize the amount of money you want to earn, it is advisable to apply to many mystery shopper vacancies. This will give you more work, more experience, more money and subsequent employment will be easier. The amount of money you earns normally depends upon how long the work takes to do. The rates of pay vary from around £8 to £25. All expenses such as travelling are refunded and sometimes you get decent freebies such as a nice meal or clothes.

Mystery shopper vacancies are ideal for people with children and in particular stay at home parents. It allows you flexibility in time so you can do the work when the children are at school. Many people choose to do it full-time and register with multiple companies, allowing them to have work on most days. Furthermore, mystery shopper job vacancies are suitable for students, retired people, those that want to supplement their income or that live near a shopping centre. The kind of people that become good mystery shoppers are those who enjoy shopping, like giving feedback and are observant. In conclusion, a mystery shopping job is a fun and relatively easy way to earn money.

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