Online Free Mystery Shopper Jobs in the UK

Getting paid to go shopping will be the ideal job for many people. Everybody likes to get something for free whether it ís a meal, a spa treatment or a visit to a luxury hotel. Mystery shopping allows people to do this and sometimes rewards them with a fee for their feedback.There are a variety of mystery shopping agencies in the UK where people can find jobs for free. The different agencies will each work with specific companies who require market research into their brands. Each company will be looking for a specific type of person to complete the mystery shop by following a set scenario.

Types of Jobs

Some mystery shops will require a product to be purchased whereas others require only standard feedback on the service received by the mystery shopper. The types of jobs can range from a visit to a restaurant ordering from a set menu to a visit to a bank to enquire about a specific account. Other jobs may involve test driving cars or going on overnight trips. These types of jobs will require leaving your home, unlike other popular work such as typing from home jobs which can be completed in the comfort of your own house.

Having said this, some mystery shopping jobs can be completed without even leaving the home but are rarer. Certain jobs may require a recorded telephone call or giving feedback on a companyís website. More specialist visits are sometimes available for people who can record their mystery shops with a hidden camera Mystery shoppers need to be observant during their visits and should never reveal their identity unless they are specifically required to do so.

The majority of reporting is completed online after the mystery shop has taken place. A series of open and closed questions will need to be answered within a specified timescale as part of the mystery shop report. Any receipts for purchases or photos of the shop will need to be uploaded along with the report as proof of a visit. Different jobs will require reports of differing lengths, depending on the complexities of the tasks.

Pay Rates

Some people earn a full time living as mystery shoppers whereas others just make a little extra income working part time. The pay rate differs between agencies and the types of jobs on offer at any specific time. Smaller jobs such as visiting a cafe will usually offer a reimbursement of refreshments plus a fee of £5, whereas more specialist tasks can pay over £50. The amount of work can be heavily dependant upon job location, with the majority of assignments being based in larger UK cities. The amount of work is variable and it is advisable to join as many agencies as possible to increase earning potential.

Application Process

Many agencies require the applicant to take a short test when they sign up. This is to ensure that they have good written English and understand what is required to become a mystery shopper. The agencies seek individuals who can follow instructions, work within specified timescales and report back objectively on their findings. The ideal applicant would be committed to improving customer service through their mystery shopping assignments.
Once the application process is completed, applicants are either able to self-assign jobs or apply for the tasks. A description of the assignment is available to browse before an applicant decides to commit themselves to the job. Mystery shoppers are expected to work on a self-employed basis and will need to make the necessary arrangements for their own tax and national insurance payments accordingly.

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