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Market Research is a rapidly growing industry where companies wish to pay to hear the opinions of consumers with an aim to improve their products or services. There are hundreds of surveys available at any one time across a range of consumer and lifestyle topics.

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One of the most difficult parts is choosing which companies are reputable when looking to get paid for surveys. Once you have selected a paid survey company, you have to register your personal details in the form above, press the button - Get Started Now. Bear in mind that each company has different processes as you will realise if you register with more than one. However, they all require personal information so that they can assess whether you can deliver value to their clients’ market research campaign. Normally, you will be e-mailed if there is a survey which targets your demographic profile. This makes the process a lot easier for everyone, as opposed to doing a survey and then finding out you are not eligible. Doing paid surveys is effectively self-employment because you can choose when you want to work and which surveys you want to do.

Most companies have a variety of surveys and some offer focus groups. Focus groups are more extensive surveys which require a bit more involvement but can be highly rewarding, both financially and socially. You could be offered to do a paid survey once a week or once a day. It is recommended that you join a few survey companies as this will give you more opportunities and consequently more flexibility in choice. Furthermore, this will help to combat the seasonal fluctuations in surveys.

Each paid surveys company has its own compensation model. Some companies will pay you outright in cash whilst others will give you points and few will enter you in sweepstakes or raffles. In the sweepstakes, the rewards are much higher but you could potentially get nothing. The majority offer points which are normally redeemed in terms of prizes, discounts or store vouchers. All of the companies can only pay you after you reach a minimum amount of cash or points. This is because it would not be financially viable for the survey companies to do thousands of £5 transactions after each single completed survey. The rewards for the surveys correlate with the average time to complete and the value to the corresponding company. Generally, you will be paid between £5 - £10 for a survey and typically last 10 minutes to half an hour. Focus groups last around 45 minutes and can pay over £50.

Market research companies do not mind if you work for several different companies. In fact, many will encourage it as you will become a better survey participant for them, giving more accurate and detailed answers. All they ask is not to compromise their clients’ ideas and details about the questions. Otherwise, doing paid surveys for several companies is a great idea, allowing you to have a larger income working from home and more freedom to choose doing the surveys you love.

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