Review of product testing sites - part 2

Broaden your Horizons

If you've given a bit of time and effort to the product testing sites (SuperSavvy Me, Bzz Agent etc) we reviewed in the Review of Product Testing Sites part 1, you might want to think about broadening your search for more product testing sites. There are quite a few sites offering something different to the usual household products that come up regularly, and you may find some fresh challenges that interest you. Furthermore, broadening your product testing experience could give you a foothold into other lucrative areas of market research, and it could also help you to become an even more observant tester.

Further Product Testing Sites to Investigate

You've tested everything from shampoo to shoelaces, and you're ready to offer your valuable input to some more new and exciting products - but which sites offer something a bit different? Take a look at some of these sites offering product testing:


Toluna is a very exciting and vibrant panel. As well as offering regular surveys which bring their own chance to test products, Toluna have their own product testing area on their website, offering an enticing range of products such as food mixers, fountain pens and cosmetics, all waiting to be tested and evaluated by their members. Registration is free, quick and simple with Toluna - and you could also be interacting with other Toluna panel members in minutes. Keep a watchful eye on the product testing area as you need to register your interest in the products you are interested in, and because it's run on a first come, first served basis, you won't want to miss out. Toluna also offer fantastic prize draws every month, with an attractive choice of vouchers for redeemed points.


Ipsos are a survey panel who have added product testing opportunities to their site. You can register for free and start earning points straight away for surveys and various product tests - loyalty points are also on offer, and there's an impressive choice of rewards together with prize draws and a referral scheme.

Campden BRI

This panel specialises in food and drink, and there's a whole range of different areas to register your interest. Product tests with this panel are mostly centred around focus groups and there are some very attractive rewards on offer for taking part, starting at £5 - £50 per group depending on what's being tested, length of time it takes, etc. Invitations to take part in food testing are usually sent out only twice per year - but with such excellent cash payments on offer, it's a great panel to have running in the background while you get on with the more regular product testing jobs.

Food testing

Tesco Home Panel

Tesco offers the chance to be a member of their panel and test their new products before they go on general sale. This provides a fantastic opportunity to influence and shape the journey of every day products that start as an idea and end up on the supermarket shelves. Unfortunately, you won't get paid in hard cash, but you do get free products to keep, thereby saving you money on your shopping bill.

The Litmus Test

This panel has been around for a while, so they have a good deal of experience in product testing. If you have a keen interest in personal care items, then this could be the panel for you to influence what products certain manufacturers turn out. It's free to register and all that's required of you is to test the products and complete an evaluation questionnaire when the trial is finished. You won't be paid any cash, but the products are free for you to keep and enjoy.

And if You're Looking for Something Completely Different...

Petplan Equine offer horse owners the chance to trial and test equine products and write a review for an upcoming magazine. You won't get paid, but you will get to keep the products - and having a review published in a magazine is an excellent attribute to add to your repertoire of product testing skills.

Good Insight means Great Products

The more you put into each product testing trial, the more experienced you will become at looking at things on a more in depth basis. Your knowledge and expertise in observing how well a product performs, as well as providing some excellent insight, will help to shape the next new and exciting products that appear on the shelves. Manufacturers will always want to seek the opinion of its target consumer group - otherwise, what would be the point of launching a new product? Furthermore, you will feel that you have a voice that is appreciated and listened to by the people who make new products, and you could even be paid for the pleasure of doing it! Now, what could be more satisfying than that?

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