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Stay at Home Dads can Earn Money from Home

Stay at home dads are on the increase as modern day families evolve into many different set ups that benefit both parents, as well as the children. Traditional stay at home mums dedicated to housekeeping and raising their children have stepped into the limelight of the working world, whilst the traditional male role of going out to work every day and having little to do with the everyday care of the children is now seen as quite old fashioned. But although society embraces the more hands on role that fathers are taking in raising their children, stay at home dads are no more likely than their female partners to see child rearing as the one and only career they pursue, and most stay at home dads will have more than just a financial need for looking at the options open to them for a work at home job. The drive to financially contribute to the household's income is part of feeling fulfilled not only as a parent, but as a spouse, and can boost self esteem as well as income - leading to happier families all round.

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Things that Stay at Home Dads can do to Make Money

For many stay at home dads with experience under their belts, the possibilities for making money whilst being at home with the children are many. Professional occupations in finance, insurance, accounting, etc, can all lead to opportunities to carve out a part-time consultation business that you can operate from home. That said, these types of jobs can sometimes prove too taxing when there are other commitments and obligations in the family to attend to, or if your children are particularly young and require more of your attention than they would if they were at school.

So, what are the alternatives? And what are the most realistic work from home jobs that stay at home dads can do, whilst still looking after the home and the children? The following ideas and suggestions may provide some inspiration.

1. Write articles for magazines: Working as a freelance writer is something that can be easily done from home. Whilst there are numerous opportunities for writing articles for particular websites, there are also openings for freelance writers to write articles and other submissions for specialist print magazines. If you've come from a professional background in, say, accounting or finance, you could be regularly contributing to magazines in a freelance capacity and enjoying the benefits that come with a freelance writing job.

2. Website design: Who doesn't have some technological skills these days? Many small businesses in your local area would welcome your services as a website designer, instead of paying over the odds for someone outside of the locality. Better still, word of mouth amongst local small business owners could keep you busy designing websites for some time.

3. Daddy Blogs: Maintaining a blog is fast becoming a great way for stay at home dads to build a business they can operate from home. Mummy blogs have been around for some time, but dads are determined not to be overlooked in the world of blogging! Blogs such as 'My Daddy Cooks' - the blog of a stay at home dad who has made a huge success of his cookery skills, and 'Twins-Store' - where a stay at home dad has set up his own online store selling nursery items and items particularly geared towards twins, are great examples of how stay at home dads have taken their situation and carved it into ways to make money whilst still being at home.

4. Data Entry: This job is exactly as it sounds - entering data into a computer. Data entry does require patience and stamina as it can be quite repetitive, but for someone with good discipline skills, it would be an ideal money earning stop gap to get you off the ground in home working.

5. Become a reseller: Online selling is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in specialist areas such as vintage clothing, antiques, collectable books and other items. A great way to start up a reselling business is to test the waters on an online auction site. You could set up an internet 'shop front' and depending on the success of your selling, you could branch out into having your own website for reselling specific items.

Choosing What Works Best for Your Situation

Most parents today don't have the luxury of having one parent at home solely dedicated to looking after the children and the household; and not everyone wants to be a full-time housewife or house husband anyway. Taking on a work at home job is great way of remaining part of the working world, in that you are stimulated and challenged, as well as providing a means of generating a second household income. The trick to striking the right balance is to find the right job to do at home, whilst still taking care of your home obligations with ease. It could be said that stay at home mums have set a precedent in terms of how to 'have it all', but stay at home dads are now breaking that mould, and setting great examples to their children - and to society as a whole.

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