Typing Jobs From Home

Why Work Typing Jobs From Home?

Working at home is often very flexible allowing you to balance your family responsibilities with work. It is often less stressful because you do not have to travel and can work at your own pace.

By working at home you avoid the costs, in terms of both time and money, of traveling to work and do not have to spend money on buying clothes that you only wear for work.

Types of Work You Can do From Home

Traditionally working from home involved carrying out menial tasks, such as sewing or trimming bits of plastic, all done on a piece work basis. Now with the advent of the internet most work at home jobs involve using the computer.

Internet based work includes, telesales, translation, writing, proof reading, website design, search engine optimisation tasks, website testing, data entry, transcription and customer service support.

Typing Jobs From Home

Typing Jobs at Home

Most people can type, so if you want to work from home that is a good place to start. You already have the skill all you need to do is find the work.

Admin and typing work from home includes transcription or dictation, writing and data entry.

Home Typing Jobs - Transcription

Transcription involves taking something that someone has written by hand or a document and typing it up, usually into a Microsoft Word or PDF file.

A few authors and students still write their work in longhand, so require their work to be typed out for them.

Occasionally, old documents are scanned into databases; those scanned documents are basically photos of the page. This means that they cannot be searched by a computer for phrases or specific words, so have to be fully read in order to find information. In these situations, transcribers are used to create a typed version of the page that can be searched by a computer.

Home Typing Jobs - Dictation

Dictation is when a person makes a tape of something e.g. a letter or their notes, which then need to be typed up.

Doctors from certain countries do not make notes when seeing patients. Instead they have the consultation
conversation taped and typed up instead to provide a record of the patient's condition and treatment.

Companies write letters, instruction manuals or minutes by dictating them to tape for a home worker to type up for them.
The legal profession in some countries also generates dictation work, which properly qualified home workers can undertake.

Home Typing Jobs - Data Entry

Data entry involves taking a list of figures and entering them onto a spreadsheet or certain fields in an online database.

Occasionally, someone requires a piece of writing to be indexed, which can also be classed as data entry, but in reality involves other simple skills apart from typing.

Home Typing Jobs - Writing

Usually writing jobs involve a bit of research and creativity as well as the ability to type.

Most of the time you are given a subject to write about and told how many words are needed on that subject. Sometimes you have to include certain phrases in what your write. You go away, research the subject and write something that meets the criteria asked for.

This kind of work is becoming more plentiful with bloggers, review sites and companies all needing material for their websites. Sometimes your work is used in real world literature too, such as in a magazine or an advertising pamphlet.

Other writing jobs include writing instruction manuals, newspaper or magazine articles or writing essays etc for students.

Finding Home Typing Jobs

As you would expect the majority of home typing jobs are advertised on-line. You can find those kinds of jobs on all of the normal job websites and on work at home or writer's forums.

It is also possible for you to canvas your local physical businesses offering your services. All companies, including shops, have some admin work that needs doing, many are happy to employ a reliable home worker to do it for them if asked.

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