University or Straight Into Work?

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Jul 23, 2012 - 03:07

University or Straight into Work?

In the last ten years university applications have rocketed upwards, with courses facing ratios of 12:1 or more on a regular basis. On top of this, the cap on university fees has been increased to £9,000 per year and a tough economic climate meaning that jobs can be hard to come for some graduates, begs the question, is going University still worth it?

As briefly mentioned above, the prospect of going to University has become very different in recent years. It is possible to spend huge amounts of money, and three years of your life, on achieving a degree, just to discover that you can’t find a job. This possibility, which has been hitting more and more graduates every year, means that going to University can seem like a risk, and there is a strong possibility that three years of experience in the world of work may stand you in better stead for your working future.

However, any argue that, despite the high prices, it still is worthwhile. It’s hard work finding graduates who say that they didn’t enjoy their time at university, and many refer to it as the ‘best time’ of their lives. In the UK, a degree, especially from a respected University is still seen as one of the most desirable features in a job application. Added to this, is the fact that many large companies now provide graduate schemes which select the brightest young graduates and give them a chance to impress and earn a job in a large company. In the past, it has been difficult for graduates to find these schemes but new websites, such as supply a valuable link-up between graduates and the companies looking for the brightest prospects to join their ranks. Finding the right course is also aided by the use of UCAS which helps to match potential undergraduate students to the right courses and deals with the whole application process.

In conclusion, the question of whether spending three years at a University to achieve a degree or to go straight into work is one that faces thousands of students across the UK and may well be a decision that could change the direction of thousands of lives.

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