UK Work From Home Jobs for Stay at Home Mums

For stay at home mums with a passion about a specific topic or subject area, a website or blog on it could be a great outlet to share your ideas with others! This can also be an excellent money making opportunity, depending on whether you sell your own products on your website or place affiliate linking adverts on your webpages to other sites on similar areas of interest. The latter method enables you to potentially earn commission on the adverts. For example, your website on music could advertise compact discs from music retailers and you could receive commission on any sales made on these websites from your visitors who clicked on the adverts.

Go Freelance

Freelance work is a popular choice for mums working from home in the UK. The advantage of freelance work is that it can offer an uncapped amount of potential income. The work completed at home can encompass translation tasks, virtual assistant work, data entry or simple writing tasks -almost anything that can be completed on a computer. Freelancing mumís can accept jobs from companies looking for a task to be completed within a certain budget and timescale. They can either self-assign tasks or alternatively, set their price and bid for the job.

Market Research Work

Market research can be undertaken online in many forms, from paid surveys to mystery shopping assignments. Stay at home mums can complete paid surveys online although they will usually only earn you around £1 a time. However, they can be an fun way to spend around 15 minutes of your time if you pick a subject of interest to you. Mystery shopping assignments would require mums to fill out an online report once they have visited a companyís store or other specified location. Without leaving the home, mums could undertake mystery shopping jobs simply by recording their phone calls as part of telephone assignments. The amount stay at home mums could be paid for mystery shopping tasks will vary depending on the difficulty of the task and the agency offering the job.

Selling products

Stay at home mums can benefit from selling goods or unwanted items online. It is possible to use a method known as dropshipping - where the seller advertises products for sale that remain held with the supplier until the goods are ready to send out to the customer. Mums are able to advertise the products at any price they choose and will pocket the difference in cost. Sellers can use auction websites or stand-alone commerce websites to sell their own wholesale stock.

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