Working at home benefits

Why Work From Home?

In today's society, more and more people are choosing to work at home, favouring the benefits that arise from this work situation over the more traditional working environment. It gives people who would otherwise be unable to commit to a job or career the opportunity to be able to work.

Work at home benefits

Benefits for Parents

One of the situations where this may apply is when people have children. It may be that they are a single parent, or need to be available to take and collect their children from school and other appointments. In many cases, the hours spent in a regular job simply aren't flexible enough to cope with such demands and working at home would provide an all-round solution. Additionally, working from home would also often prove more cost effective for parents in terms of childcare costs which are often incurred when working in a traditional setting.

In addition to saving on childcare costs - and this applies equally to those without children - travelling expenses will also be reduced as a result of not having to travel to and from a workplace. If one would otherwise be travelling by car, working from home saves on fuel, expenses incurred through increased vehicle maintenance due to daily wear and tear and is also more economical for the environment. Likewise, with other modes of transportation.

A further benefit to working at home comes in the form of clothing. As a general rule, when working within a traditional setting, it is usually standard practice to wear a uniform (or at least conform to a certain dress code). Working at home takes away the pressure and cost of ensuring the correct dress code at all times, allowing you to be more relaxed in clothing that you perhaps feel more comfortable in and giving you more freedom to spend your hard earned money as you wish.

For the Would-be Entrepreneur

Indeed, there are many overheads that could be vastly reduced by working at home. Take those who are thinking of setting themselves up in business - things to consider would include renting/buying premises from which to run the business, gas and electric, water rates, in fact, all the basic costs that come with utilising any property, in addition to shop fixtures, fittings, stock and insurances. Therefore, if it's at all possible to run your desired business from home, it does make a great deal of sense to do so.

For the Disabled

Whilst some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of working in a busy environment, some people find this very demanding and daunting. Working at home takes away the pressure of having - or feeling as though - someone is looking over your shoulder.

Equally, working at home could prove invaluable to people in the unfortunate position of suffering with a disability, whether physically or mentally. It may be that their mobility is compromised, making it extremely difficult to get out and about, whilst for those suffering with a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia etc., working at home would be extremely beneficial in more ways than one.

Primarily, a home based job enables sufferers of mental illness to maintain their independence. Due to the very nature of their illness, a lot of sufferers have self esteem issues, feel a lack of self worth and lack motivation. By being given the option of working at home, they are able to be more self sufficient, fill their day with purpose and, in some instances, create a distraction and keep their mind occupied on their work, without the feeling of having to go out to a workplace and spend their day feeling pressured, overwhelmed and, in some cases, unable to do their job to a satisfactory level.

Craig Eagle

A real life example of someone who has learned to manage and control everyday situations in this way is the owner of web based business, Aquila Web Solutions. On leaving school, Craig worked in the office of an electrical retail company, but was never truly happy as, unbeknown to anyone else, he suffered terribly with social anxiety disorder. However, he managed to hide this very well and, over time, built up a rapport with some of his colleagues, though mostly he kept himself to himself and struggled through. When, after fourteen years of service, the company went into liquidation and Craig was made redundant, it came as a terrible blow.

Thoughts of having to search for jobs in an environment he would be uncomfortable with, and the idea of having to attend interviews were a burden on his mind. Craig decided that the best way forward for him would be to work at home and create his own business, in a field that he was a) comfortable and confident with and b) good at. His business is now starting to thrive and, while feeling in control of his life, he also has a much more positive outlook. Due to working at home, Craig is a much happier person and this also reflects in his family life.

The Ideal Solution?

In short, there are a whole host of reasons why working at home is beneficial. In many cases it is the key to health, happiness and success. It also creates a more peaceful relaxed environment for the people who you share your home with. Children, in particular, benefit from a well balanced environment, which puts them in good stead for their own future. So, if working in a traditional setting doesn't tick all the correct boxes in terms of making your life run the way you would like it to, then working at home may well be the way forward.

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