Working from Home on the Internet for Market Research Jobs

Mystery shopper vacancies can be found online at a variety of market research agencies and are popular work from home jobs. Many companies use mystery shoppers in order to get feedback on customer service by getting shoppers to follow a specific scenario. For example, a restaurant may require the service to be assessed for customers who ordered a certain meal. In this situation, the mystery shopper will need to purchase the meal and then claim a reimbursement for the costs. Other companies such as banks may require an assessment solely based upon the service received when enquiring about a specific banking product.

Some people are able to make a full time income however the amount of jobs can vary from week to week. You may only be eligible to complete a certain job if you meet the desired requirements. For example, a company may only be looking for female shoppers over 40 years old for a specific assignment. The pay rate differs between agencies and complexity of the job, however, fees can be anything from a few pounds to over £50. Hotels and test driving vehicles tend to pay higher fees. Mystery shoppers will need to have good observation skills and work within specified timescales for reporting.

Paid Surveys

Market research companies are always after your opinion. Paid surveys are a great way to earn money by giving feedback on your everyday interests. Surveys can be on anything from your food intake to what you think of certain brands. You would usually get paid around £1 for a survey that could take from 5 to 45 minutes to complete. The amount of surveys available will depend on whether you meet the eligibility requirements at any particular time. Although they less well paid that other forms of market research, they can be a great way of bringing in a little bit of extra money. Companies can also be looking for people to review their products, so you can get paid to test products.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are another great way of boosting your income online. Companies often require people to meet up in a group to give feedback on specific products or services. Signing up to a variety of market research databases will give you an increased opportunity of receiving work. People who meet the eligibility criteria for a specific focus group will usually be paid anything from £20 to £50 for their time.

Exit Surveys

Market research companies often need people to visit shops to conduct exit surveys on behalf of companies. This involves asking customers who leave the shop some questions about their visit. The questionnaires are sent directly to market research companies upon completion so that the feedback can be analysed. Signing up to many online agencies will increase the chances of finding work in this area. Pay rates can be around £20 for a few hours of work.

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