Working Online - Online Jobs for Mums in the UK

Mums need to find work that will allow them to work flexible hours. A number of issues, such as childcare, childhood illnesses, and personal choice can make working 'conventional hours’ difficult. Mums who work online have the advantages of being able to work from home and choosing their own hours. There are many different types of online jobs for Mums in the UK. One of the most popular is to complete survey jobs from home in the UK, however as the list below shows, there are quite a few opportunities out there.
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Writing and Editing Jobs

The increasing popularity of the internet means there's an ever-growing market for online articles. A straightforward way of making money is to get paid for writing articles. 'How-to' articles and product reviews are particularly easy to write and common forms of typing jobs from home. You can write them whilst your children are asleep or at school. If you don't think you're a good enough writer to do this, you can also get paid for editing articles. This involves checking the spelling and grammar of other people's articles, splitting up overly long sentences and paragraphs, taking out any unnecessary words and adding subheadings when needed. You can also make money from proofreading articles. Proofreading an article mainly involves checking that there aren't any spelling or grammar mistakes and correcting any that you find.

Selling Online

If you don't have the time to sit down and work on an article, you could try selling unwanted items online, through an auction site, for example. Children grow up quickly, which means they soon grow out of their clothes. You could sell your kids' old clothes online to other parents. You could also sell old copies of parenting magazines, as well as pregnancy books and pushchairs you no longer need. Alternatively, if you have the time and are creative, you could make your own products to sell, such as greetings cards, jewellery or gift boxes. Make toys, baby clothes, and bibs for fellow parents.

Creating ebooks

Mums have a wealth of parenting expertise, even if they don't realise it. Why not use your experience and knowledge to write an eBook about parenting? You can write, market, and sell eBooks online. Use online retail outlets such as Amazon, Scribd, and Barnes & Noble to sell them. You can also publish eBooks on digital readers. Nowadays eBooks can be made to look like hard copies of books, with very professional looking covers. There are numerous topics within the broader subject of parenting that you can write on. These include: managing your pregnancy, reducing your stress as a parent, being a working mum, and travelling with your children.

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